One-Step Obturator

One-Step is a fast, easy and safe root canal treatment system that is heated in a One-Step Heater before it is ready for use.

The One-Step Obturator is a biocompatible radiopaque plastic core surrounded by thermoplastic gutta-percha.

The One-Step Obturator is applied into the tooth using special forceps, facilitating insertion into molars.

It has grooves in the shank that can be used as length markers. The handle can be easily broken after insertion, once the gutta percha has set.

One-Step is available in sizes #20-60.

As an auxiliary instrument, a size verifier is available with the same dimensions as the obturators. The Size Verifier is used to ensure that the root canal is well cleaned out before root filling and that there is ample space for the selected size obturator.

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