Conditions of guarantee:
1. The product has been purchased from CMS Dental within 30 months (determined by invoice date).
2. The product has not been used outside guidelines in the user instructions or subjected to harmful environmental conditions, such as subjected to excessive amounts of fluid.
3. The product is returned to CMS Dental in either the original package, or in a similar protective wrapping and shipping box. If not, the guarantee does not cover any eventual damages due to the transport.

For products under guarantee there are two options:
4. Is repaired without costs to newest version and returned to the customer as received from the customer.
5. Is repaired without costs to newest version and returned to the customer in new original box including accessories against a fee.

For products NOT under guarantee there are two options:
6. Is repaired so the products work to same specifications as original purchased. There is 6 months guarantee on the repaired parts, but not the rest of the product.
7. Is traded-in to a new product.

The service and guarantee order must be created in the CMS web-shop:
8. Place only one product per order. This greatly increases speed of handling and processing of your order.

For products to be returned to CMS Dental: 
9. Make sure the products are packed securely and use padding to prevent damage from transportation.
10. A printed order confirmation from CMS's web-shop when the order was initiated must be enclosed the product. If not the processing of your order will not be commenced.
11. If it is not obvious from the serial number when the product was purchased, a copy of the purchase invoice must be attached. Otherwise, CMS will estimate a date of purchase from the serial number and decide if repair is under guarantee.
12. Attach a description of the error. Otherwise, CMS will invoice 0.5 h for troubleshooting.

13. Return the product to:

CMS Dental A/S
Elmevej 8
DK-7870 Roslev

Products returned to wrong address will be invoiced additional freight expenses.

Products to be returned to the customer:
14. The customer pays the shipping costs to CMS Dental. CMS Dental will pay shipping costs to the customer if the product is under warranty but reserves the right to ship multiple products at the same time. If the product is not under warranty, the customer pays for shipping to and from CMS Dental. The customer will be notified by the service department "ready for shipment" when it is ready for return. 

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